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Gender-specific health care is of the most important areas of focus for Robert Dougherty, MD, and the skilled team at Genesis Functional Medicine in Bastrop, Texas. Dr. Dougherty and the experienced team offer customized men’s and women’s health care, including checkups and urgent care visits, to help you stay healthy and happy. Click online scheduling or call the office to book your appointment today.

Women & Men's Health Q & A

How often should women’s or men’s health exams occur?

Most women and men should have annual exams. Your annual women’s or men’s wellness exam at Genesis Functional Medicine is tailored for your needs, so your care provider might recommend a more frequent men’s or women’s wellness exam based on your health and situation. 

What does a women’s wellness exam include?

Women and men both have specific health concerns, so a wellness exam focuses on those things that make you unique. 

Women’s wellness exam

In a women’s wellness exam, the focus is reproductive health. A women’s wellness exam is generally separate from your annual physical, which focuses on whole-body health. 

Your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider performs a pelvic exam and a clinical breast exam during a women’s wellness exam.

You might have a Pap smear, HPV test, STD screening, or other tests as needed. Most women need a Pap smear, HPV test, or both to check for the early signs of cervical cancer at least once every three years. 

Your care provider might recommend annual cervical cancer screenings based on your needs, though.

During your women’s wellness exam, your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider can also prescribe birth control if needed. If you need additional testing, such as a mammogram, your care provider can help you schedule it after your women’s wellness exam.

Men’s wellness exams

In a men’s wellness exam, your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider performs a whole-body checkup. Men’s wellness exams and annual physicals for men might cover much of the same territory, so talk to your care provider about whether you need both exams. 

Your care provider evaluates your current state of health and looks for potential health issues. They evaluate your risk for health problems specific to men, such as prostate cancer, and might perform tests based on your age and risk factors. 

If you’re due for any type of care, such as vaccinations, your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider can usually perform that care as part of your women’s or men’s wellness exam.

What are some common health problems for women today?

Some common health problems for women include overactive bladder, estrogen depletion during menopause, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis. No matter what type of issues you’re dealing with, your Genesis Functional Medicine care providers are ready to help. 

What are some common health problems for men today?

Men might experience health problems like low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, heart disease, and many other conditions. Although an overactive bladder is less common in men, some men might experience it as they age. 

Genesis Functional Medicine offers dedicated care for both men and women, so call the office or book your appointment online today.