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Stretch marks, a common problem for anyone who gains or loses significant weight, can really mar your skin’s appearance. Instead of hiding under more layers of clothing, consider a noninvasive stretch mark reduction treatment at Genesis Functional Medicine in Bastrop, Texas. Robert Dougherty, MD, and his highly skilled team use the advanced Icon™ system from Cynosure® to give your skin new smoothness, elasticity, and beauty. Book online or by phone now.

Stretch Marks Q & A

What is stretch mark reduction treatment?

Icon is an advanced laser treatment for stretch mark reduction. In this treatment, your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider positions the Icon handpiece directly above your stretch marks. 

Rapid fractional laser pulses move into your skin to break down the stretch mark tissue, which shatters the discoloration to return your stretch marks to normal skin tone. The laser also works deep below your skin to cause new collagen production.

The collagen gives volume to your skin, so it moves up to your upper skin layers and smooths out the stretch mark indentions over the upcoming weeks. 

What kind of stretch marks can be treated?

The Icon laser can treat any kind of stretch marks, whether they’re a result a weight gain or are left over from pregnancy or a growth spurt. The most common areas for stretch marks are thighs, hips, upper arms, and abdomen. But, the Icon can treat stretch marks in any area.

What does stretch mark reduction treatment feel like?

Most patients tolerate stretch mark reduction treatment very well. Your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider typically applies a numbing cream shortly before the treatment. 

You might feel very quick snapping sensations along with flashes of warmth below your skin during the treatment. But, overall, you can expect a comfortable procedure that only takes around half an hour. 

What is recovery like after stretch mark reduction treatment?

There’s zero recovery time with Icon stretch mark reduction. You might have temporary swelling and redness of the treatment area, but it’s not uncomfortable and typically fades within just a few days. 

How many stretch mark reduction treatments do I need?

It depends on the number of stretch marks and the size of the treatment area. Most patients achieve significant stretch mark reduction with a series of treatments, usually 4-8 sessions on average. 

Treatment sessions are usually a month or more apart, so you’ll see results after each treatment. 

If stretch marks make you feel embarrassed and unhappy with your appearance, there’s no reason to keep suffering. Call Genesis Functional Medicine or click online booking to schedule your stretch mark reduction consultation now.