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If acne or surgery has left you with stubborn scars, you don’t need to resort to invasive surgery. At Genesis Functional Medicine in Bastrop, Texas, Robert Dougherty, MD, and his skilled team offer Icon™ scar removal treatment to restore your skin to its smooth and youthful best. Use the online scheduler or call the office to make your appointment now.

Scar Removal Q & A

How does scar removal work?

Genesis Functional Medicine uses Icon laser treatment for scar removal. Prior to treatment, your care provider applies a numbing cream for your comfort. The Icon laser breaks down the scar tissue on the surface of your skin, including the discolored areas. 

You absorb this old tissue and then excrete it through your regular immune system function. The laser also heats your deep skin layers, which starts collagen growth. Your fresh collagen smooths your skin surface once the old scar tissue’s gone. 

Scar removal treatments can take as little as 30 minutes but may take longer depending on the amount and size of your scars.

What kinds of scars does the Icon laser treat?

Genesis Functional Medicine uses the Icon laser for acne scar removal as well as surgical scar removal. Most patients respond quite well to treatment, so talk to your care provider about whether Icon is the best treatment solution for your scars. 

How many scar removal treatments do I need?

Every case is unique, so your Genesis Functional Medicine care provider examines your scar to determine how many treatment sessions you need. Most patients achieve great results after a series of around 3-7 sessions, with each session at least one month apart. 

What can I expect after surgical or acne scar removal?

After surgical or acne scar removal treatments, you might have some minor swelling and discoloration (usually redness) around the scar. 

These symptoms are usually very mild and typically fade within just a few days. You can normally return to work and your regular routines right away. 

Most patients notice scar fading within around six weeks. Icon improves both the color and the texture of the scar, but you’ll likely notice a change in color first, as the collagen that improves texture takes time to produce.

Whether it’s surgical scars or acne scars, there’s no doubt that scars can ruin your self-confidence. Treatments with the Icon laser can restore your skin and make you feel confident about your looks again. 

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